K-Pop: Seoulite by Lee Hi

This week I was caught a nasty cold from the kids and was pretty much useless 🙁  I’ve been working on getting more Mexico photos posted but it looks like that will wait until next week.

I wanted to share a few videos by Lee Hi (이하이). She recently released her album, “Seoulite,” and I really like all three videos from it that I’ve seen.

Lee Hi is kind of quirky and unconventional for a K-pop idol which I find charming.  And her voice is AWESOME.

“손잡아 줘요 (HOLD MY HAND)” is my favorite song from “Seoulite” so far.  The video is fun with its 8-bit graphic touches.

“My Star” is jazzy and really shows off her voice.  And how cute is the styling of the video?  I love its retro look.

“한숨 (BREATHE)” is a more typical ballad but the video is really good and meditative.  The aerial shots of Seoul are almost achingly lovely.

That’s it for me!  I hope you have a great weekend.  I’ll be back next week with more pics from Mexico.  See you then!

Kpop: Cosmic Girls

Have you adjusted to Daylight Savings yet?  Because we’ve all been dragging ourselves through this week.  Trying to cajole E out of bed at what was effectively 5:10am so he could dose for his milk OIT therapy was rough!  And I still haven’t even started on our taxes yet, gah.  If anyone needs me this weekend I’ll be curled up on the couch watching tv and hiding from reality.

Just a reminder, you still have time to enter the giveaway for that kids’ book about Chinese emperors I reviewed.  It ends Saturday night.

To kick off the weekend, here’s a couple versions of a song by new Kpop group WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls).  WJSN / Cosmic Girls is made up of Korean and Chinese girls (to maximize marketability?) which is interesting…and there are TWELVE of them.

This is the official version of their video for “MoMoMo” which is a cute song.

And here is the “choreo” version of the video. Official Kpop videos usually feature a narrative intercut with a dance routine but a lot of groups release videos which are basically a dance practice so you can see the whole routine.  They’re filmed simply but I like them because the routines are usually great.  And with twelve girls this routine is impressive.

I hope you have a good weekend.  See you next week!

Kpop: Mamamoo

The girl group Mamamoo is one of my favorite Kpop groups right now.  All four of the girls can really sing and I like their retro sort of jazzy sound.

This song, Taller Than You, is catchy and cracks me up.  Height can be a big thing for Kpop idols and it’s fun that they have a sense of humor about it.  The official version didn’t have subtitles so I found a file that did because the lyrics are funny.

This other song, Piano Man, isn’t funny but really shows off their strengths. I love their harmonies and the jazzy bits.

I hope you have a good weekend!  N and I are going out on date for dinner tomorrow and are going to see if we can try a new restaurant.  If it’s good I’ll tell you about it next week 🙂

Kpop: Goodbye PMS!

So Lizzy from Orange Caramel (one of my favorite Kpop groups) recently released this video featuring comedian Park Myung-so (PMS).  I’ve watched it a few times and it cracks me up every time.  There’s an ad in front of it but it’s worth it.



I hope you have a good weakend!  N’s department at work bought a pair of nice season tickets for the Utah Jazz and it’s our turn to get to use them tonight.  I’m not really that into basketball but I love going on dates with N so I’m excited.  I’m also looking forward to staying home tomorrow and catching up on the laundry situation around here which has become…dire.

See you next week!

K-Pop: Have, Don’t Have

This video for “Have, Don’t Have” by  Dalshabet is another one of my favorites. The song is catchy (that chorus!) and the video is charming.  For me it’s quirky in a sort of Wes Anderson-ish way and stands out from the ultra-polished K-pop videos other bands usually release.

When we were in Korea a few years ago we spent a day at a wholesale market like the one the video’s filmed at which makes watching it especially fun for me.

K-Pop Friday: I Like That

N made me another K-pop mix cd last night and I’ve been enjoying it as I’ve been driving around with the kids today. This song by Glam is on a previous mix cd but it’s a favorite of mine and one the kids request often.

I looked up the lyrics online. They’re kind of sassy.  My favorite part is the first verse:

When I’m sitting alone at a BBQ restaurant
And ordering a 2 person meal and cooking the meat by myself
I’m alright – I like that, I like that
I’m alright even when I’m alone

Eating way too much at a kogi buffet is something that I can, embarrassingly enough, relate to. Now I just need another girl group to write a song about shame-eating too many Girl Scout cookies and I can make a themed playlist  ^_^

K-Pop Obsessed

It started out simply enough: N and I showed the Gangnam Style video to the kids and they loved dancing around to it and requested to watch it all the time. Then we started watching other K-pop videos on Youtube with the kids. Next, N made me a mix-cd for my birthday so the kids and I could listen to K-pop in the car.  And then I liked it so much that he made me another, and another, and another!

Now, 8 times out of 10 you’re going to hear K-pop playing if you get in my car; N checks allkpop several times a day during his breaks at work; and we watch a few videos together every night, and lately E’s pretend-play centers around being the leader of his own “Big Bang squad.”

This is one of our favorite videos.  It’s kind of epic and I love the operatic sensibility. Also, I have a wee crush on Top (the one with the blue hair).

I know that posting’s been light lately–I’ve been pouring most of my energy into working out and trying to cook healthy meals and in the evenings I just mostly want to crash on the couch and watch tv (and K-pop videos).

But I have some things I want to share so I’m going to buckle down and get on it.  So please don’t give up on me quite yet 🙂

I hope you have a great weekend!

E’s new favorite song

So lately this Erasure song is E’s favorite thing ever.

The whole thing started with E playing a game on my iPhone that uses the song as background music. Then N showed E the music video. Warrior monks and magic gardens and evil demons to be vanquished?  That’s right up E’s alley.

So for the past week E has been asking to watch the “Always” video at least a few times a day. And being as how E is a quick study when it comes to learning songs, N and I get treated to performances like this one.

The little hand thing he does at 0:13 cracks me up every time.  I love this guy so much.

Folk Music For Your Friday

A few years ago I posted a video of two Swedish sisters singing a Fleet Foxes song (seriously, listen to those harmonies!) and now those sisters are grown up and have a band, First Aid Kit and are performing on Conan and whatnot (coincidence?–you decide!)

I got their new CD, The Lion’s Roar, last week and it has been on repeat in my car ever since.  It’s piercingly lovely with a real strength running through it that reminds me in a way of early Dolly Parton which I also love. 

If you like folk music I hope you’ll love the album.  Listen to more of their songs on their MySpace page.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.  Two of the most wonderful men I know have birthdays today: N and my dad, so we’ll be celebrating all weekend long.  We’re having cake and presents with the kids but I think I might be looking forward to eating without our lovely progeny at a new-to-us restaurant the most.  I love spending time one-on-one with my funny N.

A bit too much

Thanks for the feedback on the room! It’s fun to share my progress. Over the weekend I worked on cleaning out what we call “the junk room” (a.k.a. what will eventually be the baby’s room) and think I might have overdone it a bit because I’m rather sore today. Bending over at the waist doesn’t really work well for me right now so I was doing a lot of squatting to pick things up off the floor and my hips are killing me today. N kept telling me to take it easy but the nesting instinct is a harsh task mistress!

I’m off to go run some errands and then work some more around the house. But first I wanted to share this. This Pulp album has been around for a long time but N just recently bought it and and I’ve been listening to it a lot lately. I have a soft spot for sexiness that’s a little bit silly and this video is spot on.