Folk Music For Your Friday

A few years ago I posted a video of two Swedish sisters singing a Fleet Foxes song (seriously, listen to those harmonies!) and now those sisters are grown up and have a band, First Aid Kit and are performing on Conan and whatnot (coincidence?–you decide!)

I got their new CD, The Lion’s Roar, last week and it has been on repeat in my car ever since.  It’s piercingly lovely with a real strength running through it that reminds me in a way of early Dolly Parton which I also love. 

If you like folk music I hope you’ll love the album.  Listen to more of their songs on their MySpace page.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.  Two of the most wonderful men I know have birthdays today: N and my dad, so we’ll be celebrating all weekend long.  We’re having cake and presents with the kids but I think I might be looking forward to eating without our lovely progeny at a new-to-us restaurant the most.  I love spending time one-on-one with my funny N.

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