Kpop: Mamamoo

The girl group Mamamoo is one of my favorite Kpop groups right now.  All four of the girls can really sing and I like their retro sort of jazzy sound.

This song, Taller Than You, is catchy and cracks me up.  Height can be a big thing for Kpop idols and it’s fun that they have a sense of humor about it.  The official version didn’t have subtitles so I found a file that did because the lyrics are funny.

This other song, Piano Man, isn’t funny but really shows off their strengths. I love their harmonies and the jazzy bits.

I hope you have a good weekend!  N and I are going out on date for dinner tomorrow and are going to see if we can try a new restaurant.  If it’s good I’ll tell you about it next week 🙂

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