FaithBWHi, I’m Faith!

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest in a Korean-American family, and now I live in Utah with my own little family.  My favorite hobbies are woodworking and photography but I also like trying new recipes, quilting, and movies.

I’m happy to be married to my best friend, known on this blog as N.  He works at a software company, likes trying new foods, dislikes having his picture taken, and keeps our family up-to-date on the newest K-pop releases.

20151128_0034We have two kids: an 8-year-old boy (E) and a 5-year-old girl (Mimi).

E likes drawing comics, telling jokes, playing video games, and pestering us about playing video games.  He has food allergies which, among other things, means that in our house all of our birthday cakes are vegan.

Mimi just wants everyone to get along and follow the rules 🙂  She likes drawing, making blanket forts, and spicy food–kimchi and shin ramyun are her favorites.  We eat them every Sunday after church and it’s the highlight of her week.

Thanks for stopping by!