Let’s not do anything rash

E.’s been having a little bit of a tough time this week, but I’m not sure why. He’s been very tired, but will only take short naps. And last night he woke up crying at 3am, which is very unusual. After I got him back to sleep, he work up again at 6am and would NOT be consoled. The only thing that worked was swaddling him and letting him sleep in his swing. So I did that and slept on the couch next to him.

And the rash! Ever since his allergic reaction to the antibiotics, he’s had a rash on his face that won’t go away. The nurse said that it was because of his frequent drooling and to put some hydrocortisone cream on his chin, which I’ve been doing but it hasn’t helped that much. To top it off, E. has started rubbing his eyes with gusto whenever he’s tired, which is quite often. It’s painful to watch because he basically claws at his eyes, pumping his hands open and closed. I swaddle him when I put him to bed so he can’t scratch at his eyes.

Even though he’s not feeling well, he still tries hard to be cheerful. It’s cute in a pitiful sort of way.

Does anyone have any tips about how to end the rash or the eye rubbing?

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

E. rolled over yesterday! He was laying on his tummy, kicking his feet out behind him when his head started leaning to one side and slowly (ever so slowly) he rolled onto his side and then onto his back. I got out the video camera and tried to get him to do it again, but to no avail (of course!). I tried it with him again this morning, but he was tired and having none of it.

However, I haven’t given up hope and will continue trying to capture footage of the elusive rollover!

E. at 4 Months

E. had his 4-month checkup yesterday. He looks so bleary eyed in the photo because he fell asleep in his carseat and only woke up when I had to undress him for his exam. I was right about his size – he weighed just under 17 pounds at 16 lbs 14 oz. and he was 25 and 3/4 inches long. The doctor said that he’s developing nicely and that I should start him on baby cereal sometime in the next 2 months. E. got another round of shots. I took him home and he continued the nap he had started in the car for a couple of hours. His reaction to the shots seemed to be okay, but last night he was crying and waking up every couple of hours and running a low grade fever. I was so tired of getting up out of bed to soothe him back to sleep every other hour or so that around 5am I gave him and put him to sleep in his swing and I crashed on the couch. It worked – he didn’t wake up again until 9:30am.

The odd sleep I got last night left me both tired from waking up so often and also a little oogey from sleeping in so long–the worst of both worlds. It might be the rough night, but I feel really overwhelmed by things today. I’m behind on some things I need to do for work, the house is a mess, I need to go grocery shopping, and there’s a long list of home improvement projects that I need to get started on. But all I want to do is veg on the couch and was Jeeves and Wooster on DVD. Here’s hoping the weekend’s both productive AND relaxing. A tall order, I know, but a girl can dream.

Have a good weekend!

How big is E?

Last night N. and I went up up to his parents’ house to have dinner with them, N.’s sister Miranda and her husband and baby, and N.’s Grandpa who has been visiting this past week. Miranda’s baby boy L. is 4-months old and so he’s twice as old as E. right now. Anyway, the babies both had checkups the day before and Miranda and I were comparing notes. I knew E. was big for his age, but it really hit me when we found out that E. is a pound heavier than L. and is also the same height as him.

We put them side by side to compare, but even then E. still looks a little smaller to me. Maybe it’s because his head is a little smaller? Anyway, I hope E. takes a break from growing so quickly because he’s already pretty heavy to lug around in his car seat. I guess I need to start lifting weights!