How big is E?

Last night N. and I went up up to his parents’ house to have dinner with them, N.’s sister Miranda and her husband and baby, and N.’s Grandpa who has been visiting this past week. Miranda’s baby boy L. is 4-months old and so he’s twice as old as E. right now. Anyway, the babies both had checkups the day before and Miranda and I were comparing notes. I knew E. was big for his age, but it really hit me when we found out that E. is a pound heavier than L. and is also the same height as him.

We put them side by side to compare, but even then E. still looks a little smaller to me. Maybe it’s because his head is a little smaller? Anyway, I hope E. takes a break from growing so quickly because he’s already pretty heavy to lug around in his car seat. I guess I need to start lifting weights!

3 thoughts on “How big is E?”

  1. Did Miranda give you permission to use her name or something? I see I get the full monty treatment in your blogroll as well. Thx for the add!

    Oh my gosh E (the Entertainment Network) is a cutie. My monitor is getting insulin shock right now.

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