Mimi’s Wishlist

As I was doing her hair this morning I ask Mimi for some ideas of what she would like for Christmas. 

She said she wanted “a robot unicorn” which she said she saw on an episode of Sofia the First.  (I checked and I don’t think this is an actual thing.)

“…a spotted unicorn”  (???)

“…and my own phone”  (I literally laughed out loud at this and earned myself a look.)

I encouraged her to give Santa lots of ideas because he only picks a few things that he thinks will be best and so she added “flower spray” to the list.  I asked her what that was and she said she wants spray that smells like flowers so she’ll smell nice. 

I told her that she already smells nice and she frowned and said, “No, I smell like sketti”  (spaghetti)

Ha-ha!  She’s the best.

This Girl

20150820_0014-2_zpseldtfa3k-1I love having Mimi around.  Part of me wishes I could freeze her at this age.  4-year-olds are such  riots.  I’m trying to soak in all the funny things she says.

On Monday morning, Mimi came out of her room crying and said she had had a bad dream (this has been happening often lately).  I asked her what happened in her dream and she wailed that “Daddy got too old!” And then she sniffed and added, “And he had a mustache!”


4th of July: Balloon Festival

A picture of a young girl in a striped tshirt standing in front of a half-inflated rainbow-colored hot air balloon.The city of Provo hosts a big festival every 4th of July and one of the main events is a hot air balloon launch. I’ve always wanted to attend but we are really not early-risers if we can help it (especially N) so it never seemed like the right time. But this year our friends and neighbors were going and graciously offered us the two extra seats in their van so Mimi and I rolled out at bed at 5:10am and tagged along.

It was totally worth it 🙂
20150704_0142_zpscydxca1p-2There were around 12 hot air balloons spread out on the ground in a field behind Provo High School waiting to be inflated.  People sat on blankets and camping chairs hanging out and waiting. Unfortunately it was too windy for the balloons to launch but the crews still inflated them to show them off to the crowd (and then deflated them).

A crew squeezing the air out of a deflating balloon.

It was fascinating to see the crews inflate the balloons.  It was crowded and people were able to stand close to the balloons as they went up.  The heat coming off the burners was intense; we could feel it on our faces.


I didn’t mind that much that the balloons couldn’t launch since watching them inflate was so interesting but Mimi was a little bummed as you can see in the above picture.  Later that day we were driving on the freeway past some windmills and she indignantly said, “They should have turn off those windmills so the balloons could’ve taken off!” and cracked us up.

20150704_0138_zpsayjncmrb-2Early morning wake up aside, it was great.  I would definitely attend this or another balloon launch again if I have the chance.

If you’re in Utah the city of Sandy is having a balloon festival on August 7th and 8th, including a “balloon glow” in the evening.   The website says that some of the pilots will need help so if you come early you may be able to volunteer to help crew a balloon–how cool would that be?

From Tuesday Night

E: What’s that?
N: It’s my wedding ring. 
E: Where did you get it?
N: Someone who loves me very much gave it to me.
E: Was it me?!
N: No, it was Mom. 
E: What?!!…I didn’t know you had a crush on each other!!!

E then declared that he would marry Mimi because he loves her so much.  N gently pointed out that (European royalty aside) to start your own new family you should marry someone from a different family.  E gave it some more thought and said he would give a wedding ring to either Amelia (girl from church), Inza (Linnie‘s daughter), or Ryanne (one of our babysitters). 

Waffle Love

On Friday Mimi and I dropped E off at preschool and then swung by N’s office to pick him up for lunch. As we headed towards the freeway we spotted the Waffle Love truck parked at the Alpine park-and-ride. Since E wasn’t with us (his food allergies make normal waffles off-limits) we decided that the opportunity was too good to pass up so I flipped an illegal u-turn and ten minutes later we had gourmet waffles in our hot little hands.

We took our bounty back to N’s office and ate in the break room there.  I got a liege waffle with Biscoff spread, cream, and strawberries.  It was delicious and very filling (and probably my entire calorie allowance for the day).

As we were walking to the elevator we ran into the CEO, a trim 40-somthing guy with premature grey hair.  N introduced us and when he we got to Mimi she looked at the CEO, pointed at him, and clearly said “Pa-pa!” which is what she called her grandpas. There was an awkward moment (he did not look thrilled) and the CEO asked Mimi if Pa-pa has grey hair like him and N interjected that Mimi calls all good-looking men Pa-pa.  And then we fled to the elevator as soon as politeness would allow. Yeesh.

E’s new favorite song

So lately this Erasure song is E’s favorite thing ever.

The whole thing started with E playing a game on my iPhone that uses the song as background music. Then N showed E the music video. Warrior monks and magic gardens and evil demons to be vanquished?  That’s right up E’s alley.

So for the past week E has been asking to watch the “Always” video at least a few times a day. And being as how E is a quick study when it comes to learning songs, N and I get treated to performances like this one.

The little hand thing he does at 0:13 cracks me up every time.  I love this guy so much.

Portrait of the Artist as a Three-Year-Old

So this little guy LOVES playing with my phone whenever he gets the chance. He’s supposed to only play the game I open for him but if I’m not looking he’ll switch between apps (and delete things and mess with my settings. Ahem.)

Recently E has been going through a photography phase (i.e. using the camera on my phone without my permission) and created these gems:

Deafening Suburban Silence
Mass Production of IndividualityUntitled Interior #16

If you liked how these turned out, wait until you see what E’s been working on lately. His self-portrait series focusing on the often ignored top-of-the-head might just take the art world by storm.