Waffle Love

On Friday Mimi and I dropped E off at preschool and then swung by N’s office to pick him up for lunch. As we headed towards the freeway we spotted the Waffle Love truck parked at the Alpine park-and-ride. Since E wasn’t with us (his food allergies make normal waffles off-limits) we decided that the opportunity was too good to pass up so I flipped an illegal u-turn and ten minutes later we had gourmet waffles in our hot little hands.

We took our bounty back to N’s office and ate in the break room there.  I got a liege waffle with Biscoff spread, cream, and strawberries.  It was delicious and very filling (and probably my entire calorie allowance for the day).

As we were walking to the elevator we ran into the CEO, a trim 40-somthing guy with premature grey hair.  N introduced us and when he we got to Mimi she looked at the CEO, pointed at him, and clearly said “Pa-pa!” which is what she called her grandpas. There was an awkward moment (he did not look thrilled) and the CEO asked Mimi if Pa-pa has grey hair like him and N interjected that Mimi calls all good-looking men Pa-pa.  And then we fled to the elevator as soon as politeness would allow. Yeesh.

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