Mimi’s Wishlist

As I was doing her hair this morning I ask Mimi for some ideas of what she would like for Christmas. 

She said she wanted “a robot unicorn” which she said she saw on an episode of Sofia the First.  (I checked and I don’t think this is an actual thing.)

“…a spotted unicorn”  (???)

“…and my own phone”  (I literally laughed out loud at this and earned myself a look.)

I encouraged her to give Santa lots of ideas because he only picks a few things that he thinks will be best and so she added “flower spray” to the list.  I asked her what that was and she said she wants spray that smells like flowers so she’ll smell nice. 

I told her that she already smells nice and she frowned and said, “No, I smell like sketti”  (spaghetti)

Ha-ha!  She’s the best.

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