TV Cabinet: Drawer Dovetails

I’m looking forward to woodworking class tonight.  Last week I started to cut the dovetails for the six drawers on the tv cabinet. It took me a little while to figure out which way the boards go in the jig but by the end of class I had it down. Cutting the dovetails was really fun.  I got 2 drawers done last week and have 4 left to go.  I’m excited to finish the dovetails for the other drawers tonight and then work on finalizing what my drawer fronts are going to look like.

Drawer Sides
Drawer sides after having a groove for the drawer bottom routed out. Dovetails are next!
Marking drawer to be routed
Lining up the joints and marking them to ensure they get routed in the correct order and match up.
All lined up and ready to be routed
All lined up and ready to be routed.
Routing the dovetail
Routing the dovetail.  It takes a few passes but it’s easy to follow the guide.
Routed Dovetail
The finished dovetail as it was cut
Drawer Dovetail
A finished dovetail fitting as it should, yay 🙂

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