Train Ride

Last week E attended a friend’s birthday party held at the home of “The Train Man,” this retired gentleman who has built an over-a-mile-long miniature train track on his property.  Riding the full circuit took about twenty minutes and we even went through a tunnel.  E was over the moon with excitement and Mimi and I thought it was pretty cool too.

The Train Man and his wife allow families in the neighborhood to enjoy their property (swimming pool, sports courts, huge covered patio, etc…) free of charge; people just have to call ahead and schedule their visit.  He said that he gets 4-6 families a day who come by to ride the train.  While we were there they were super nice and didn’t bat an eyelash at a herd of preschool boys running in-and-out of their house to use the bathroom.

It was lovely to meet people who have done such magical things with their home and who are so interested in giving back to their community.

Roller Derby Photos

I finished going through the photos I took at the roller derby in Spanish Fork a few weeks ago.

It was exciting to watch our home team the Molly Morbids beat the Portenuf Valley Bruisers from Pocatello, Idaho.  All of the ladies were AMAZING.







After the game, Pain In The Nikki came over and chatted with us.  N works with her husband and we had sat with him during the bout and tried to learn the finer points of the game.  Nikki told Erica and I that they were having a “fresh meat” training camp in July and that we should come skate (!)  I’m tickled by the idea but don’t think I’m up for it.  It seems like a fantastic workout but the commute down would be too much.  Also, um, the very real possibility of breaking some bones.

But it was very flattering–I don’t attend many sporting events where afterwards they tried to recruit me to join 🙂

For a detailed recap of the bout and more information about the team, see the Happy Valley Derby Darlin’s site.

There’s another bout on June 9th.  Hanging out in a vacant Food4Less and watching these ladies compete makes for a fun and unique evening–maybe I’ll see you there!

Easygoing Mimi

I love this sweet girl.

Mimi was a real trooper on our trip. While we were at the parks she was usually content just to chill in her stroller.

But for the record she did go on a few rides at Disneyland: we took her on the submarine ride and into the Tikki Room theater which she loved.

E is already asking when we can go back to Disneyland: we told him that we have to wait until Mimi’s big enough to go on Space Mountain with him 🙂


Our beach house was just down the road from Tillamook, OR (home of Tillamook Cheese) where there’s an air museum that we toured. Looking at the aircraft was fun but the highlight for me was the WWII blimp hangar the museum is housed in.

The hangar is MASSIVE. Apparently it’s the largest wooden structure in the world. (Interesting fact: there used to be two hangars until 1992 when someone decided that it seemed like a good idea to use one of the world’s largest wooden structures as storage for BALES OF DRY HAY and the whole thing went up in a huge fireball.)

This picture makes me happy since I’ve been feeling a little uninspired with photography lately. I’ve had a passion for photography since I was in high school but sometimes my enthusiasm for it wanes: life get busy and I just don’t have the energy for it. I’m a chronic dabbler–I haven’t met a hobby that doesn’t seem interesting yet–but photography is my main interest (with woodworking a close second) and I think I’ll always come back to it again and again. With this photo I felt that rush of falling in love with taking pictures again.

I also took a few photos of the hangar using film; I’m excited to see if/how they turn out.

I couldn’t wait

I just picked up the photos I shot with my Holga at Goblin Valley. I was planning on posting a bunch of them next week but I couldn’t wait to share this one.

It’s one of my favorite shots of the bunch but it was exciting to see how all of the photos turned out. It made me realized how much I’ve missed the surprises that come from shooting with film. I’ll post some more of the Holga photos next week.

Have a great weekend!