Holgas Pics of Gwyn’s House

I took my Holga camera with me on our drive to Oregon and have a couple of shots that I’ll be posting over the next little while.

On our drive we pulled over at a rest stop somewhere in the middle of Nevada to take a quick break and stretch our legs. This abandoned house was next to the road and I couldn’t resist snapping some shots.

At this point poor E was so sick of being in the car that he repeatedly insisted that this building was “GWYN’S HOUSE!” because we had been telling him all day that we had to stay in the car until we got to Gwyn’s.

So E was pretty disappointed when this shack turned out not to be Gwyn’s and we still had a good 5 hours left in the car. But on the upside when we got to Gwyn’s real house it had glass windows, warm beds, and fun cousins to play with so E got over his disappointment pretty quickly.

Recent Holga Pics

When I drive to the store or gym I pass this rundown boarded-up house with grazing horses. I never drive past it without feeling a pang of regret that I didn’t bring my camera. It’s surrounded by tract houses and 100 ft from the freeway but I like how this tiny pocket of land seems locked in a bubble of rural decay.

Well, last week a storm was rolling in and the sky was darkening nicely and I said enough is enough and turned the car around and went home and got my Holga. These shots are my favorites from the roll.

I’d love to go back with my Holga and some color film and my tripod and take some shots around sunset but that will have to wait until I get a new tripod: E broke mine last week. *sniff*

Holga from The Egyptian

I’m approaching official burnout regarding Sundance; I’m guessing you guys are might be getting tired of it too. The festival ended over the weekend and the awards were given out. I was pleased to see that Red Chapel won best foreign documentary.

Even with the burnout I have one more review that I have to write though, mostly because the movie was so lame I feel the need to warn people about it. But I’ll save that for later. Today I wanted to post a picture I took with my Holga camera when we were up in Ogden last Saturday for Sundance.

The shows we saw played at Peery’s Egyptian Theater, a lovely historic theater. While we waited for the shows to begin we sat and listened to the octogenarian organist play show tunes which was fun. I took this photo by using a long shutter speed and trying standing very still. I obviously wobbled a bit but I like how it turned out.

Plastic Cameras

Posting those Holga photos yesterday reminded me of this great book that one of my sisters-in-law sent for my birthday, Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity (Thanks, Gwyn!).

I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s chock full of great photos shot with Holgas and Dianas and is very inspiring. The book also includes helpful technical information on modifying toy cameras and tips on using different types of film.

If you’re interested in shooting with a Holga or a Diana this book is definitely worth checking out.

Fall Holgas

It has suddenly turned chilly here–bleh! While I love autumn I hate the long snowy Utah winters. And even though I’ve been trying to take it easy and I drank almost a gallon of orange juice yesterday I still feel like crap this morning. So I thought I’d post these pictures I took with my Holga back with the fall was bright and lovely to cheer myself up.

Woodworking class is tonight. I’m already running through my mental checklist: camera AND memory card–check!, the plans for E’s wood bulldozer–check!, extra glue for cutting boards–check!, a determined but patient attitude–check! (?)

Wish me luck. Project pictures tomorrow or Friday.

I’ll follow the sun

After I discovered that my Holga’s shutter was set on bulb instead of normal I switched it back to normal and took a couple shots of these sunflowers. They’re nothing special but I was just happy to see that they turned out clear. Yay for cameras not being broken!

I just bought a shutter release and some b&w filters for my Holga that I’m eager to try out along with some filters N came me for a gift. It’s been so long since I’ve worked with film (basically since high school) that I had forgotten how much I enjoy it. I’m falling in love with photography all over again.