K-Pop: I’m Different

The table and chairs are assembled!  Assembly was a breeze (really just screwing on the table legs) the difficult thing has been trying to find someplace to put all the cardboard packing materials.  We let the kids have free reign with all the boxes for a day to build forts with in the living room but then we dragged it all out to the garage…where it will probably stay until spring.

Last week N gave me the Kpop mix CD he made of the best new releases from December. He has made me a new mix CD every month for almost two years now and it’s the best.  The kids and I love listening to them in the car.  I’d like to figure out a way to stream each month’s mix here on the blog so the 4 of you that are interested in Kpop can listen to them 😉  

For now I thought I’d share another of my favorite videos here again.  This one came out a few months ago but I like it a lot.  It is a cute collaboration called Hi Suhyun that is made up of Lee Hi (on the left in the frame below) and Lee Suhyun from Akdong Musician (on the right).

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