Playroom Update 1

Our house is on the smaller side but we like it.  It’s our first home and while I know that we’ll move eventually we don’t want to do so now.  But we were bursting at the seams a bit with all the kids’ stuff so we decided to finish part of basement to use as a playroom.  I’m so excited to chuck all the toys down there and clear up some space in the rest of our house.

I didn’t take a picture of it before, but the hardest part was clearing the room of all the junk we had stashed in it when we moved in  Ten years of junk is a lot of junk!

Drywall going up.  I am still finding dust around the house in random places.

I found a good deal on some gray laminate flooring which helped us come in under budget which was  great.

I spent most of the day today sorting and organizing toys.  I just need to hang up things on the walls and tidy things up and then I can share pics of the finished room.

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