K-pop: Do you want some tea?

I love the styling in this new Hello Venus song “Do you want some tea?”

The video is super cutesy but the song is actually about female desire and wanting to take things to the next level in a relationship but being unable to make a move.

On a vaguely-Korean-related note, an interview with me is up at Asian Mom Blog. Thanks to Sommy for having me.  Check it out if you like Asians and/or moms!

Speaking of moms, I hope you have a nice Mother’s day–and if that’s off the table for one reason or another I hope you have a pleasant, low-key weekend. It seems like Mother’s day can be an emotionally fraught holiday for a lot of people. The cute kids at our church sing every year and I get a kick out of watching them but sometimes the talks really make me cringe.

Besides being Mother’s day, Sunday is also our wedding anniversary (12 years!) so, um, good luck with that, N.

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