Because I Said So! + Giveaway

My brother-in-law (and former Jeopardy! champ)  Ken Jennings has a new book out this week.  In Because I Said So!, Ken debunks and sometimes validates the warnings and wisdom parents pass on to their kids.  You know, things like don’t sit too close to the tv, wait a hour after eating to swim, don’t swallow gum it will make you sick, etc…

It turns out that (shocker!) many of the things our parents told us and that we probably tell our own kids are total bunk.  After you read it you will feel satisfyingly smug and enlightened whenever you overhear someone reciting a bit of kid-related folk lore you now know to be totally untrue.  You’ll also have an impressive arsenal of anecdotes you can fall back on when chatting at holiday parties.

Because I Said So! makes a nice gift.  Parents will enjoy it but it’s also the sort of book that most people will enjoy reading because they everyone was once a kid themselves. 

Leave a comment on this post by midnight MST Monday, December 10th to enter to win a copy of Because I Said So!  I’ll select a winner at random and get them a copy of the book.

This is cozy little blog so I think it’s safe to say that your odds of winning are pretty good 🙂 

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