These Two

Lately, E has turned into an ever-negotiating little guy who wants to know “why?” about everything and who is just starting to realize what a big place the world is (and is therefore suffering from a bit of anxiety). For the last week or so every night when I put him to bed he begs me “don’t let the sun go down!” His faith in my abilities is both flattering and a bit heartbreaking.

And Mimi, well, lately Mimi is just everywhere.  She’s not quite walking on her own yet but she gets around astonishingly fast.  Unlike her brother she flagrantly disregards any and all admonishments to “leave it alone!” and loves to pull things out of cabinets and strew them about.

Lately it seems like both E and Mimi are changing and growing up noticeably every day.  It’s both thrilling and bittersweet.

And in other news, I am *this close* to finishing the kitchen update.  I can’t wait to share it with you!

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