Japanese Valentine

Even though I told N not to get me anything for Valentine’s day (I’m counting the kitchen update as my own Valentine’s day/anniversary/birthday present), he surprised me with a set of the English translations of Oishinbo!

I know, what a sweetie, right? I received the first volume of Oishinbo for my birthday last year and ever since then I’ve been wanting to read more.

Oishinbo is a popular, long-running Japanese cooking manga with over 100 million volumes in print. The story follows a young journalist and gourmand who has been assigned the task of creating the “Ultimate Menu,” a meal which will encompass the very essence of Japanese cuisine.

But our young hero’s father which whom he is estranged is working on creating a competing menu and they have all sorts of impassioned arguments over different aspects of Japanese cuisine.

I really enjoyed the first volume and I can’t wait to read the others. These English translations are compilations organized around a specific theme so sometimes the plot jumps around a little bit but VIZ has done a good job overall of editing the content together into an entertaining story.

They’re fun to read and when you’re finished you’ve actually learned something. If you’re interested in Japanese food at all I think you’ll like Oishinbo.

2 thoughts on “Japanese Valentine”

  1. Glad you had a great Valentines 🙂 I LOVE your quilt! You have inspired me to someday buy a sewing machine & then someday attempt a quilt! I think I would buy one that came with all the quilt squares & everything packaged. I want to see a picture of your finished rainbow quilt too sometime.

  2. Megan, it's great to hear from you! I was super intimated about quilting but it's really fun. And kits are awesome!

    Thanks for reminding me about the rainbow quilt. I'm going to try and take some photos of it this weekend. 🙂

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