For Your Friday

Yay for 3-day weekends! This weekend E is attending his very first friend birthday part and then on Monday N and I and my in-laws are going to take him to see the new Miyazaki movie, The Secret World of Arrietty. I’m so excited!

And of course I’ll be squeezing in some cabinet-painting in there somewhere 🙂

Before you start your weekend there are a few things I wanted to share with you.

-If this was our local weather guy I would definitely watch the local news more often:

-Not quite sure what’s the big deal about Jeremy Lin?

-Would you want to have your picture taken with a camera as big as a New York apartment?

-I really enjoy blogging but sometimes it can make me feel a bit insecure. (Does that happen to anyone else?) I thought this was well written and keeping it in mind might help.

That’s it, guys. I hope you have a lovely long weekend!

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