Watching Veronica Mars

Since I’ve been stuck at home with the baby I’ve been watching more TV lately. In the first few months after E was born I burned through the complete Jeeves & Wooster (loved it!), Firefly (liked it a lot), and Gilmore Girls (sometimes I liked it but sometimes it made me want to smash my head against a wall).

Picking a show to watch when I’m up early with the baby is a bit tricky because it needs to be 1) something not horrible and 2) something that N isn’t interested in watching with me. Since we have fairly similar tastes it can be a little difficult to find something. Right now I’m working my way through Veronica Mars.

I’ve seen about 12 episodes so far and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Kristen Bell plays Veronica Mars, a 17 year-old girl trying to solve the murder of her best friend. Her dad’s a private detective and she helps him out on cases and solves other mysteries on her own. The writing is decent and since Netflix has the entire series available via streaming I can watch an episode whenever I want which is convenient.

I also get a kick out of the face that Kristen Bell looks quite a bit like my friend and neighbor Stephanie.
Pretty similar, right? Stephanie is an intrepid Girl Reporter in her own right – she’s a Health Department inspector and gives us the skinny on the local restaurants to avoid. Apparently she’s going to be on the local news (FOX 13) tonight at 9 pm. Here’s a preview of the story.

6 thoughts on “Watching Veronica Mars”

  1. I used to watch Veronica Mars off and on and thought it was pretty good. I watched Seasons 1 – 3 of The Office when I was up late/early with Sam. It is so great to have something reliable to turn on during those marathon nursing sessions. I tried Lost but that is not the best show to watch alone in a dark room when you are sleep-deprived. Next baby I am so all over Jeeves and Wooster!

    Your intrepid health inspector pal is very pretty! I hope she reads your blog. 🙂

  2. Ha, ha! This is really Gwyn. Didn't realized Jared was signed in. Though I am sure he thinks Stephanie is pretty too. I am also sure he never nursed Sam.

  3. Finally my big debut on your blog! This is more exciting than the news interview! I think I read your blog more than Fox 13….
    Your very sweet so say such nice things! I am lucky to have such a great friend!

  4. HAHAHA! Gwyn, when I saw "Jared's" comment I was 1) excited and 2) puzzled in quick succession. 🙂 And I will totally loan you my DVD set of Wooster and Jeeves any time you want.

    And Stephanie, you were great on the news–very no nonsense and professional (and hot)!

  5. Hummm, I'll have to try Veronica Mars. I'm in a similar boat. Husband wakes up at 5 am to run (crazy) so goes to bed at 9 pm, giving me two hours to kill. I've liked Pushing Daisies and The Mentalist, but always looking for something new.

  6. Jamie, have you seen Friday Night Lights? I think you'd love it. We just finished watching series and I'm bummed that it's over. Season two is kind of crazy but just push through it–the rest of the series totally makes up for it.

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