Happy Valentine’s Day, Supreme Computer Overlord!

Happy Valentine’s day! We’re keeping it pretty low key today: E is having a party at preschool so last night I dutifully wrote his name on a bunch of Cars-themed valentines and made him some dairy-free, egg-free treats so he would have something fun to eat.

Having a two week-old baby kind of put a damper on any plans to go out on the town so tonight N and I will probably get some take-out, hang out with the kids, and then settle down and watch Jeopardy!

Even though we’re total geeks we actually don’t habitually Jeopardy! but beginning tonight N’s brother Ken is going to be playing against IBM’s Watson computer. Who will win–my snarky brother-in-law or our future supreme computer overlord (or the other guy Brad Rutter)?

Check your local listings and watch to find out!

4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day, Supreme Computer Overlord!”

  1. Your BIL is on Jeopardy and you know Brandon Sanderson? I am so going to use you for the seven degrees of separation thing. E totally geeked out when I told him you knew Sanderson. He saw him at Minicon here in MN last spring.

  2. Spoilers: Watson won.

    For finishing third, Brad Rutter has been forced to legally changed his name to "Other Guy."

    Thanks for tuning in! Hope it was fun to watch.

  3. Carol, that McSweeney's blurb cracked me up.

    Celeste, little known geek fact that you can share with your husband to blow his mind: Ken and Brandon were actually college roommates!

    Ken, I'm sure Nathan already told you that we have some freak power outage during the final episode; it was crazy frustrating! But congrats on a great showing. And I really liked your Slate article.

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