Music and Crafts for Christmas

How is it that I’m both eager to get into the Christmas season and already vaguely panicky that I’m running out of time?

I received an Amazon gift certificate recently and I used it to go on a mini Christmas-themed spree. I picked up these two things to help me get into the swing of Christmas.

This Sufjan Stevens box set, Songs for Christmas*, is a good deal at Amazon right now ($14) and has nice alt-folksy versions of favorite carols. (And it comes with stickers!)

And I’ve been really enjoying flipping through this book, Fa la la la Felt*, and daydreaming of the cute Christmas ornaments I could make if I, you know, actually got my crap together. Amazon doesn’t have the option of letting you search inside but if you go here you can see the table of contents and a few sample pages. The ornaments are so cute! There are several that I want to make for our tree.

*FYI, these are Amazon affiliate links which means that if you purchase something through them I get a small percentage.

4 thoughts on “Music and Crafts for Christmas”

  1. I saw that book at Joanns and fell in love! The stuff in it is so cute and so do-able. Maybe next Christmas when you aren't getting ready for the little one!

  2. Right after I finished my last comment, my Christmas Pandora station put on Sufjan Stevens "Come Thou Fount" from his Christmas album – it was awesome! Are all the songs that good? I may need to buy it pronto.

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