Letter: Month Thirty-Six

Dear E,

You recently turned three with a vengeance. Suddenly you are all about doing whatever you can for yourself. “E do it!” is your favorite catch phrase right now. You insist on climbing in and out of your high chair and your car seat by yourself (but sometimes you like to push my buttons by clambering around the backseat instead of getting in your seat) and if you are interrupted heaven help us all but you have to start the process from the very beginning and do it over again ALL BY YOURSELF.

You’re filled with an overwhelming sense of confidence that can be both endearing and frustrating. Yesterday I was trying to tie the laces on your sneakers when you decided that it was something that you could do on your own. You weren’t going to let the fact that you’ve never tied a bow before and don’t have the coordination to do it yet stop you. On one hand it’s kind of admirable but on the other hand–SERIOUSLY?

But along with this stubborn independence other aspects of your personality are emerging. You have quite the imagination now and love to pretend you’re a superhero, a spaceman, a doctor, a chef. You love pretending to pick food up off from the pages of your books and eating it or feeding it to me or your dad.

This last month was a big one for us, mostly because of our trip to Korea. Parts of the trip (i.e. the flights to and from) were kind of rough but for the most part you were a trooper. I love the sights and people of Korea (and the food!) and it made me so happy to be able to share them with you. I know you probably won’t remember any of it when you’re grown but at least we have the photographic proof. You were so cute and charmed pretty much everyone around especially when you would bow and say “An-young-ha-seo!”

Your third birthday had me feeling kind of sentimental. Not to be overly dramatic but lately it seems like a chapter is ending for our family. You’re not a baby any more; you’re a little boy. And with your baby sister on the way at the beginning of next year all of our lives are going to change in a big way.

I’m so excited to welcome this baby into our family and I know that you’re going to be a great big brother. But I’ll always fondly remember these last few years that it was just the three of us.

I know I’m far from perfect as a mother but now I feel like at least I know what type of mother I’m striving to be. And that’s because of you. Your sister will totally owe you for breaking us in for her but something tells me you won’t ever forget to rub it in.



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