Fare thee well, Prince Valiant Hair

This week has totally kicked my butt. Labor day was nice but something about having a 4-day week made for some extra craziness. Yesterday was picture day at E’s preschool and it seemed as good of a time as ever to get him a haircut. I thought his long hair was really cute and it was reminiscent of the mushroom haircut I myself had as a toddler but it seemed like it was time for a change. (By the way, my mom recently told me my stylin’ toddler haircut was due to her admiration for the lovely Dorothy Hamill.)

But since E’s hair is so fine having it in a shag meant that it would get tangled and limp when he ran around to play and sometimes after his nap it would be kind of matted. It was becoming kind of high maintenance and so as in most instances, my sense of laziness won out over my sense of style. So I got his hair cut and he somehow aged several months in an instant.

I keep vacillating between missing his old hair and liking this new cut. He just seems so much older.

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