Color Therapy

It’s going to be a long, long day. This morning E was up at 2 am and then back up for good at 5 am. Ugh.

I took him to the doctor yesterday since his fever still hadn’t let up. The doctor said that E was a little dehydrated and has lost some weight but that he should bounce back later this week. Hopefully it’s sooner than later.

E was still feeling puny yesterday afternoon after his all-too-short nap but he perked up a bit when we broke out the crayons.

Looking at these photos now is cheering up my grouchy, sleep-deprived self.
Man, I love this guy.

4 thoughts on “Color Therapy”

  1. He looks so wasted in that first picture, poor guy. I so hope he sleeps better for you tonight. On a lighter note, he and Sam are twinners yet again – we have that same shirt!

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