Who has two thumbs…

…and is allergic to penicillin?

–This guy!

Yes sir, the hits just keep on coming. A while ago E. picked up a strep infection on his skin (I think he actually got it from his 4-month visit to the pediatrician) and so a week ago the doctor put him on amoxicillin to clear it up. It worked, but his stomach was very upset and then today he broke out in hives all over his chest, arms, and legs.

I took him back to the doctor today and they said that he’s allergic to penicillin. So now he’s off of the amoxicillian and he’s taking Children’s Benadryl to clear up the hives. I don’t like giving him so much medicine when he’s so little, but it seems necessary in this case.

I think that E. has suffered more than his fair share of aliments this winter. I know that kids get sick a lot, but come on! He’s really been a trooper throughout it all, though. Poor sweet little guy.

3 thoughts on “Who has two thumbs…”

  1. Aaahhh! The poor thing! When will it stop for poor little E. this winter? I love how he always looks so cheerful and happy in these pictures where he is supposed to be suffering from some terrible illness. Nothing can get E. down! Not even hives.

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