Woodworking: Modern TV Cabinet

I haven’t blogged about it yet, but last fall I started building a TV cabinet.  It’s my most ambitious project yet and I love working on it.

The cheap MDF TV stand we got at Target when we were newlyweds is nearing the end of its life (small children will do that) and I’m at the point in my life where if I’m going to get a new piece of furniture I want to really love it and for it to last–and if possible for it to be made out of solid walnut 😉

I’m a fan of mid-century modern design and so I wanted to design something that would have a lot of storage for our DVDs and still look good.  I went with a design that has a section in the middle for adjustable shelves for electronics and then 3 drawers on each sides for DVDs and games.

So these pictures are from last semester.  We’ve only had a few classes so far this semester and I’ve been cutting down wood for my drawers.  At tonight’s class I’m cutting the dovetails for the drawers.  I’m really excited!