Mimi’s Gymnastics Show

After E’s final soccer game of the season on Saturday we booked it from the field over to our town’s rec center for Mimi’s gymnastics exhibition.  Her exhibition was scheduled for the same time as E’s soccer game but I was able to have her attend at a different time so we could make it to both.  Last year we had a similar soccer/gymnastics scheduling conflict and I bungled the dates and we missed her exhibition and she was so disappointed and I felt like the worst mother.  She has since forgotten about it but I don’t know if I will  :/

Anyway, this year’s exhibition was ADORABLE.  The kids were between 3 and 5 and they were so darn cute.  N’s parents came with us and we all cheered for Mimi together.

20160521_0058  20160521_006420160521_0034_BWMimi was so excited to get her shiny participation medal and have everyone cheer for her.  She was grinning from ear to ear and in the car on the way home she kept exclaiming, “I’m so happy!  I’m so happy!”

My heart swelled with contentment.  It was a lovely moment.  The kids started bickering and it passed but it was nice while it lasted 😉

2 thoughts on “Mimi’s Gymnastics Show”

  1. Yeah Mimi! I vaguely remember gymnastics as a little kid. Wishing I could have done it for longer. Still can’t do a cartwheel to save my life.

    1. I’m hoping that Mimi will want to stick with it for a while. She’s starting the next session later this week 🙂

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