Round-Up Parade

E has been having some adventures of his own this summer.  He got to walk in our town parade!


One of the quirks about living in Utah is how closely involved the Mormon church (which we’re members of) is in civic matters. For our town’s big summer parade different wards (or congregations) get assigned each year to make parade floats. This year our ward made a Dr. Seuss-themed float. E dressed up as Sam I am from Green Eggs and Ham and walked alongside the float.


I thought our ward did a great job on our float.  It was fun to see what other wards did.  Some of the floats were pretty impressive.


20150626_0025-2_zpsunpplbkf-120150626_0028_zpsqeqzsvas-1I still miss a lot of things about living in WA, where I grew up. But I have to admit, aspects of UT are growing on me 🙂

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