As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve never been very athletic. In high school I successfully avoided taking any P.E. classes (and took extra photography and band classes instead, fun!) and I fulfilled my college’s P.E. requirement in part by taking bowling.

But I’ve decided to run my first 5k at the end of April. I know that for a lot of people running is no big deal.  But before I started this weight-loss program I hadn’t run a mile since middle school, and even then I’m pretty sure I walked part of it.

My friend Linnie is already a runner (and an amazing artist!) so she’s helping me train. There are several training programs that promise to get you off the couch and in shape for a 5k; I’m following this one

So far I’m on week 2–we do our long run on Mondays and then I do the two training runs on my own during the week.  Yesterday I ran 1.5 miles (without stopping to walk) for the first time EVER!

It felt great. After months of working out consistently I’m at the point where I actually enjoy exercising which is both a bit baffling and highly gratifying.

8 thoughts on “On-the-couch-watching-Doctor-Who-to-a-5k”

  1. That's amazing. I did cross country in highschool. And that was really only because I had been used to doing a lot of laps around the gym during volleyball practice. My MIL has a treadmill that I keep saying I'll get on, but it's so loud and not conducive to using during baby nap time. Now if only I can get Monty to chill in his bouncer for 20 minutes so I can hop on the thing!

  2. Asianmommy, some of my friends cycle; it seems like a lot of fun. I haven't had a bike since I was a kid but would like to get one sometime.

  3. Celestial, I managed the cross country team in high school, mostly because I wanted to hang out with my friends but not actually, you know, run. Trying to get in exercise with an infant can be so hard!

  4. That's so great, Faith! Such a huge accomplishment. 1.5 miles is nothing to sneeze at! I love running – and it's accompanying solitude…do you find that part of the appeal?

  5. Gwyn, so far I prefer running with a friend–it seems to go faster. I haven't been able to listen to music when I'm by myself yet but I'm getting a strap for my phone so I'll be able to which should help when I'm on my own. I'm already working on the perfect up-tempo Kpop playlist!

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