Birthday Weekend

So I know that I just posted about watching what I eat…but tonight N and I are eating dinner here.  I can’t wait!  In my defense, it’s to celebrate my birthday.  🙂

The funny thing about this birthday is that I get an extra year of being 32.  You see, somehow I got mixed up and for the last year I’ve been telling people that I’m 32 when I was actually 31.  (I know–I sound like a complete moron.)  But I think I can trace my confusion back to spending my 30th birthday in an airplane flying over the international dateline to Korea.  The anomaly apparently threw off all subsequent birthdays.

Anyway, so this weekend we’re going to fit in a little celebration with the kids in between watching sessions of my church’s worldwide conference on tv.  There are two sessions on Saturday and two on Sunday.  I like listening to the messages from our leaders and prophet and it’s also a relaxing break from our normal weekend hustle.  The little nap I usually manage to take is also very relaxing (shhh!)  🙂

When I was growing up we had to get dressed in our Sunday clothes and go to our chapel to watch conference via satellite broadcast.  But now thanks to technology and living in the heart of Mormondom, we get to stay at home and watch in our pajamas.  Hooray for progress!

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