Serious Faith is Serious!

Last night I went and joined Weight Watchers. (Again.) The scale has crept up a bit over the last year and I’ve decided to finally do something about it. I’ve been exercising off and on again but I’ve been pretty lousy at eating well. I think if I get my eating habits under control I’ll make some real progress.

I’m planning on actually making a family menu every week so I won’t end up looking in our empty fridge, sighing, and then driving to a fast food place or asking N if I can order a pizza when it’s my turn to cook and I don’t know what to make. Aside from eating better I’m hoping that planning a menu will also help save some money on food.

I’ll probably post periodically about my progress to keep myself honest. I need to go grocery shopping today to stock up on fruits and vegetables and whole grains and such. Here goes nothing!

4 thoughts on “Serious Faith is Serious!”

  1. Planning a menu does simplify life and it doesn't take long…but it gets old. I try to make a 2 week menu by day, but I never stick to the days…I just make whatever sounds best off of the list. Sill, it helps. Good luck!

  2. Way to go, Faith! I'm a big fan of weekly menus, mostly because I hate going to the grocery store more than once a week. Hope it works for you, too! I'm super impressed by your goal setting and want to follow your lead.

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