Around the interwebs

Just a few things I saw around last week.

Loved these portraits of mixed-race families.  Growing up in a mixed-race family means that things like this catch my eye.

Crayon Pop, one of my favorite K-pop groups, has made it big and is opening for Lady Gaga!  Here’s a nice write-up about them.  Sadly, Crayon Pop isn’t opening for when the tour comes to Salt Lake, if they were N and I would probably try to go.

The Trauma of Parenthood – I think our culture is starting to talk more about this but there’s still a lot of room for improvement.  Pursue kindness over ideology. For a person whose suffering has been met with judgment, a sympathetic ear can make all the difference.

Our weekend was nice–our town had its been rodeo celebration.   One night at the rodeo I  volunteered in the concession stand slinging nacho cheese and on Saturday we took the kids to the big parade.  I’ll post pics soon!

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