Korean-Themed Gift Ideas

Korean-themed gift ideas: toys, books, art, jewelry

I put together a few gift ideas for kids and adults with ties to Korea. 

1st row
Custom gold and silver Korean necklaces – a few different styles available
Musical soft doll – It plays Arirang.  Maybe next year there will be a model that plays Gangnam Style 🙂
Korable blocks – These lovely blocks are nice for kids or adults who love design. (my review)

2nd row
Bee-Bim Bop! – This was E’s favorite book for a 4 months straight.  Cute illustrations, catchy rhymes.
New Clothes for New Year’s DayBeautiful illustrations.  I’m contemplating getting a second copy just to cut out some of the pages and frame them.
Korean Blocks by Uncle Goose – I like the vintage style of these colorful blocks.  They should last forever.

3rd Row
Howon and Uman by Hosang Park.  I love these photographs of Korean parks. Prints are available in a few different editions, framed and unframed. I’ve bought a few prints from 20×200 and have been happy with every one.

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