L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

Last week one of N’s friends at work took him to L&L Hawaiian Barbecue for lunch and N liked it a lot. So on Friday we made the drive to Provo to eat there for dinner–worth it!

I’ve never been to Hawaii and I had never heard of this chain before. But I have eaten a lot of Hawaiian and Korean food (Korean BBQ is a big influence with Hawaiian BBQ) and I thought the food was good. The service was unfriendly (bordering on surly) like it is at some small places but all the food we tried (ribs, chicken, pork) was super tasty. And the portions are HUGE; we had enough leftovers for lunch the next day. We will definitely be going back. If you decide to go, go hungry and early (they close at 8pm).

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
W. 1230 North & N. Freedom Blvd.
Windsor Park Shopping Ctr.
158 W. 1230 North
Provo, UT

There’s also a Salt Lake location:
(S. 700 East & University Blvd.)
358 S. 700 East

2 thoughts on “L&L Hawaiian Barbecue”

  1. oh good lord, L&L BBQ chicken was my #1 craving when I was pregnant with jun. I'd buy it twice a week at least and die each time at the first bite because it was so good! that was in san diego when i was missing home so much, again. =) good times.

  2. I can believe it! I'm not even pregnant and I'm already thinking of excuses to go back. N's grandmother lives a few minutes away from the restaurant…let's just say that our visits to her might increase in frequency.

    Because we are adoring filial grandchildren like that.

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