Home from the hospital

This afternoon we came home from the hospital. Huzzah!

Mimi in the hospital

And now instead of being able to simply look at a monitor to see that Mimi’s getting enough oxygen I obsessively sneak up close and check on her breathing.

What can I say? I’m kind of a big ball of nerves right now.

9 thoughts on “Home from the hospital”

  1. Oh poor baby…and poor mama! So sorry for what you've been through. She won't remember it and you'll never forget it. Glad she's on the mend, hope you're ALL feeling better soon. Take care. (She looks so sweet)

  2. What a sweet smile. 🙂 I understand about the paranoia. Joshua would stop breathing sometimes when he first came home from the NICU, and start turning blue, it was scary! I was worried it would happen in his sleep, and mine, and I wouldn't know about it. Hope she gets far enough past the RSV that you can relax soon!

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