A Town Called Panic

We had a pretty quiet three-day weekend: E and N were both sick so we mostly just hung around the house and ran a few errands. We did however watch a fun movie that a friend had recommended: A Town Called Panic.

This stop-motion animated Belgian movie is delightfully surreal. The humor and the somewhat crude animation style might not be for everyone but it kept me giggling. The voice work was a big part of the charm for me; I’ve heard that there’s an English dub somewhere but it’s hard to imagine it could be as good as the original French version with English subtitles.

The movie stars three toys: Horse, Cowboy, and Indian. When Cowboy and Indian realize it’s Horse’s birthday they order some bricks to build him a barbecue as a present. But they accidentally order 50 million bricks which then show up on their doorstep. As you might guess, hijinks ensue. What you might not expect is how those hijinks include a journey to the center of the earth, a giant robot penguin, sneaky aqua-people, and a romance with a piano lesson-teaching lady horse.

If you like sort of silly surreal things, I’d recommend giving A Town Called Panic a shot. It’s available on Netflix streaming which is where we watched it.

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