Tarte Cheek Stain

Growing up I was kind of a nerd. I was more into books and photography than make-up or fashion and as a result I sometimes feel like I’m still a bit behind the curve when it comes to girly things.

But I’ve been dabbling in makeup more lately. Maybe it’s something about turning 30 but I’ve been feeling like trying a bit harder might be in order.

I’ve had my eye on these Tarte cheek stains for over a year and before we went to Korea I finally picked one up in “Tipsy.” It’s more than I normally spend on makeup but I love it! It blends really easily and looks more natural than the powder blush I used to use. It seems to last all day and smells delicious. Also, I can tell that the container is going to last a long time; I’ve been using it frequently for a month and the stick still looks like new.

I had to try on a couple of shades to find one I thought looked natural so I would recommend trying it on in person if you get the chance.

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