For the Record

We bought E a little potty chair a few months ago. At first he thought sitting on it was great fun but only if he had his clothes on (which was not really the point). After some cajoling (and bribes of a jelly bean) he has taken to sitting on it a few times a day but he never peed in it.

Until last weekend! I took off E’s diaper so he could sit on the potty but he ran downstairs giggling to see what N was doing downstairs. E jumped on the couch and I told him that it was time to go to the bathroom and he looked down and uh, went to the bathroom. (I guess I should have been more specific.)

N and I shouted for E to stop (which miraculously he did) and then we picked him up and ran him back to his potty chair where his business was concluded, E was praised highly, and jelly beans dispensed.

The couch suffered only a few drops of pee that washed out easily (yay for removable cushion covers!) so over all I consider it a win.

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