When Blogs Collide: Group Edition

So my friend Elaine (who I met via our blogs) and her friend Meg organized a local blogger meet-up for Saturday. When Elaine invited me I said I would go even though I’m kind of shy and had the vague feeling I wouldn’t fit in (the crowd was mostly stylish college-age fashion bloggers or talented sewing bloggers). But I like hanging out with Elaine and meeting people with similar interests so I steadied my nerves and went (but dragged a patient N along for support).

(Thanks to Meg for the photo.)

There were about 20 people there so we didn’t get a chance to get to know everyone. We sat at a table with Elaine, Meg, and Heather (and their husbands) and sisters Megan, Adrien, and Shannon. I also got the chance to say hi to Susan whom I’ve been wanting to meet. Her and her husband are finishing up upholstering a 9-foot long couch (!) and so we chatted about that and woodworking.

I think it went pretty well. And afterward N and I went and saw The Ghost Writer which I mostly liked (I had some issues with certain plot points.) N reviewed the movie it here.

If you’re interested, here’s a list of attendees’ blogs: allthisknavery.wordpress.com, cindeelou.blogspot.com, clothedmuch.blogspot.com, feathersflights.blogspot.com, freshbrownies.blogspot.com, freshlypicked.blogspot.com, gangsterpixie.blogspot.com, thedicksonseverafter.blogspot.com, thesecondhandlife.com, oncewomacks.blogspot.com, and uberchicforcheap.blogspot.com.

6 thoughts on “When Blogs Collide: Group Edition”

  1. Very brave of you! I would have been nervous to come out from behind my blog persona. When you are actually meeting real people you have to be… you know, dressed and stuff. Unlike when you blog! 🙂

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