So…yesterday after his nap I noticed that E’s eyes were getting kind of goopy. Greenish-yellow gunk was collecting in the corners. I talked to my doctor’s nurse and she said he had an eye infection and prescribed some eye drops. It must be going around because when I went to the store to pick up E’s medicine the pharmacist told me they had had a run on the drops and they were totally out of stock.

Eventually I found a pharmacy that had the drops in stock and last night N and I held down a protesting E to get the drops in his eyes. This morning I had to get E the drops by myself and uh, it didn’t go as smoothly. I explained to E that I needed to put the drops in his eyes for his own good but somehow that didn’t seem to make a difference–go figure.

But E seems to be feeling better already. The nurse said that after 24 hours of being on the drops he wouldn’t be contagious anymore. So today I had to keep E home from preschool and also apologize to Miranda for unknowingly exposing her kids to the bug yesterday morning when we took all the kids to IKEA. Oops. (Sorry again, Miranda!)

So today is going to be a low key day of doing laundry and cleaning up the house which after a busy week sounds fine to me.

2 thoughts on “Quarantined”

  1. Thanks for the sympathy! Yes, the eye drops were pretty difficult to administer. E would squirm and complain about them being "wet!" And I washed my hands so often that they were getting chapped but at least no one else came down with it. Phew.

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