E’s First Trip to the Zoo

We’ve been having some pretty unusual (for Utah) weather lately: we’ve had rain and/or a thunderstorm almost every day for the last week and a half. I’ve kind of enjoyed it but it has put a damper on taking E around outside.

So when the weather was nice on Friday and Miranda called about going to the zoo we jumped at the chance. Jan, her boys, and my mom and Steven also thought it sounded like fun and they ended up coming too. Half of Salt Lake also showed up; it was super crowded.

But it was really fun. For E the highlights were attending the bird show (I highly recommend it.) and riding the carousel and little train.

E and me on the carousel and my brother Steven in the background.
E LOVED it and cried when it was time to get off.

Us on the train ride. I know he looks terrified, but he was just startled by some overgrown branches that whipped out at us. He actually really enjoyed the ride and kept saying “choo, choo!”

After a while E zonked out in his stroller.

It was a fun day but was definitely a bit of an outing. The zoo is kind of far from our house to go regularly but I’d like to take E back at least one more time this summer when N can come with us.

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