First Blood

E and I drove to the airport yesterday and picked up Gwyn and her baby. E was pretty tired by the time we got home and was being kind of fussy. As soon as I took him out of his car seat he ran out of the garage and towards the street. I grabbed him by the hand and was walking him back to the house when he tripped and fell and smacked his mouth against the concrete. And then he started to bleed a lot.

It was really sad. I kept trying to look inside his mouth to see where the blood was coming from and he kept trying to swat my hands away. I was worried that one of his teeth had been knocked out. The blood was pooling in his mouth and running out the sides and he was rubbing it all over his face. He looked pretty gory. I held him against my shoulder as he sobbed and he got tears and blood all over my shirt.

He was inconsolable until he spotted the jar of jelly beans on the counter. As soon as I gave him one he started to calm down. Three jelly beans later, things were solidly on the way to being right with the world.

It turned out that he had cut the little flap of skin that attaches the inside of his lip to his gums. It bled a lot but seems to be okay now. Poor little guy.

On the bright side, E really likes having his little cousin S around. E keeps gently patting S on the head. It’s cute. I’ll try and get some pictures of the two of them together this weekend.

3 thoughts on “First Blood”

  1. Dylan did that same thing when he was younger. We were house hunting up here and he fell trying to get his shoes back on- after the millionth house- he hit his mouth on Ken’s knee and started gushing blood all over some house we knew we weren’t going to buy. I thought I was going to have to take him to the ER but once he calmed down we saw that he’d split that same little flap of skin and he just avoided anything salty or sour for a few days. Mouths heal really fast!

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