We’ve had two snow storms in a row this week. Yesterday’s was quite impressive. This morning I took E out for his first experience in the snow.

He quickly went from rather amused…

…to apprehensive…

…to decidedly unhappy about the situation.

And it all happened within a quick two minutes, which was considerably less time than it took to wrangle him into his snowsuit.

The only reason he even has a snowsuit (which I discovered are shockingly expensive) is that I saw one for 60% off the day after Thanksgiving. Hopefully E will get over his lackluster feelings towards snow and we’ll actually get a bit of use out of it this winter. But I don’t really blame him; I’d rather be inside too.

3 thoughts on “Snow…Snow…SNOW!”

  1. Those are great pictures. The novelty of wet snow does wear off fast, little E. I empathize. I also empathize about spendy snowsuits. We have a DI one that each girl managed to wear only once or twice. We’re so outdoorsy!

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