Grandpa’s Visit

Over the weekend E. caught up on the sleep he had missed during the whole allergy episode and seems to be back to normal. The earliest appointment I could get with the allergist our doctor recommended was October 17th (!) but I had them put me on the waiting list for cancelations. I asked the receptionist how long the waiting list was and she said “very long,” and so I’m not counting on getting in before October, which is a little lame.

Grandpa flew home on Saturday. His visit was a lot of fun. It took E. a day or so to get used to having another person in the house (at first he looked surprised every time he caught sight of Grandpa in the house) but once he got used to it E. was quite taken with Grandpa.

Grandpa was quite taken with the hummingbird that built a nest in our tree. He enjoyed watching the nest through the front window. Last week I thought I could see tiny little beaks poking up out of the nest, and this week we confirmed it. Two hummingbirds chicks hatched successfully!

In this photo you can see the chicks’ feathers starting to grow in. When I was watching them I would sometimes see them stick their tiny tongues out. Very cute.

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