Better and Worse

Hopefully Better
So what do yout think about the new template? I hope it loads okay. Sometimes the background graphics on the old one would stall a bit on me which I found annoying. I’m still tinkering with this template a little, but then again I love to tinker. My blogroll disappeared when I switched over for reasons I don’t understand and the info at the bottom of each post is in a tiny font that needs to be changed, etc… But it will get there eventually. (And by then I’ll be sick of this design and want a new one!)

Unfortunately Worse
On the rash front, it’s been looking worse since I posted those pictures of him. So yesterday I took him to the doctor. We’ve been there so many times that I know the nurse by name (Hi, Melissa!) Anyway, E. has (drumroll please)…impetigo! It probably started as a rash from his drooling/penicillin allergy but now it’s infected. So he has to be on oral antibiotics again, which I was a little upset about. I just feel badly that he’s been on antibiotics almost every month. I asked the doctor if a topical antibiotic would work, and he said that it wouldn’t be very effective. So now E.’s on cefinir. When I picked up the prescription, the pharmacist told me that cefinir is 8% related to penicillin and so to watch E. for an allergic reaction. Isn’t there some antibiotic that is 0% related to penicillin that they could prescribed?

I whine a lot, but I know that many many kids have much more serious health problems. I’m very grateful that in general E. is a very healthy baby. But with all that said, these minor things one after another wear me out a little.

2 thoughts on “Better and Worse”

  1. Poor little guy! And poor mom and dad! It’s emotionally draining to have your kids go from one sickness to the next. You have all my sympathy!

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