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  1. Hi Faith,
    I’m a regular reader of Kimchi Mamas, although since my Asian connection is my adopted children I don’t feel I have the right to comment there 🙂 But, I saw your post there and thought maybe I could help. I apologize for posting on your blog but figure you’re likely to see it here, too.

    First, I am sorry about your grandmother.

    You can take your little one on the plane with a lap ticket, but if you can I’d recommend actually buying a seat for him. You’ll be able to strap the carseat into the airplane seat and you’ll know he’s very secure in the event of turbulence. Of course, who can afford to do that? Especially with a last minute ticket. If the flight you are on isn’t very full, the flight attendent might let you do that in an unoccupied seat, anyway. Otherwise, you can either check your car seat, or more likely just use it in the stroller frame and gate check that as you get on the plane; then you can have it back as soon as you disembark. Things don’t typically get too dirty when gate checked, but you can find zip-up protective bags specifically for your carseat, too.

    If you can get your son to suck on a bottle during take off and landing, it will help keep his ears from hurting. Also any time you feel your ears needing to pop. A little tylenol before you board might help too. You might see if you can get a chiropractor to show you how you can “sweep” his ears to help open the eustacian tube, although a lot of kids hate that. Some parents give benadryl before they get on the plane to try to sedate them, but 11 weeks is awfully young for that.

    Hope this helps, and again, I am so sorry about your grandmother.

    PS– your little guy is ADORABLE!

  2. Hi Deb. Thank you so much for your sympathy and the information. And certainly no apologies are needed for posting on my blog. (And we seem to have share a connection: all of my siblings were adopted from Asia and N. and I plan to adopt in the future.)

    I don’t have a ticket for the baby, but I think I’m going to definitely ask the gate agent how full the flight is and maybe I can get a seat for his carseat anyway. We’re flying Southwest, so there are no assigned seats. And I’m going to look into getting a bag for the carseat too.

    Thanks again!

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