Sad News

Yesterday my grandmother passed away.

The funeral’s in California next Wednesday, so E. and I are going to fly there with my sister on Tuesday night and come back late Wednesday night. It wasn’t totally unexpected, but it’s still sad. I feel badly for my dad; it was his mom. I am now officially without any grandparents. Fortunately, N.’s Grandpa is still around!

Now, does anyone have any tips for flying with a 11-week old? I want to go to the funeral but am incredibly nervous about flying with E. being so young. My sister will there to help, but I am freaked out at the idea of him screaming during the entire flight and not being able to help him. But I guess the only things you can really do are give him a little Tylenol and feed him during take-off and landing, right?

5 thoughts on “Sad News”

  1. Faith, I’m so sorry about your Grandma. I’m assuming when you said the funeral is Wednesday, you meant yesterday? If so, I hope all went well – that’s great that you could go. As for flying with an infant, I know I’m too late to really advise, but feeding does wonders. Hopefully, they fall asleep nursing and stay asleep the rest of the flight. It’s when they get bigger and want to run around the whole plane that you really have something to dread. Hope the flight went well and E was a helpful little guy.

  2. Faith-

    So sorry to hear about your grandma. It is never easy to lose a loved one.

    There are plenty of infants who do really well flying- you never know until that first flight. I would ask your pediatrician. I think the “feed them” idea is all she/he will say but you never know. If E. likes a pacifier that always helps as well as a beloved object- Blund :)or a blankie. A pretty good indication is how does he do during Sacrament meeting? If he does ok you’ll probably be fine.

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