Thank you, food poisoning!

My weight-watching efforts have been sadly neglected for the last month or so. Ever since E and I got back from our trip to Seattle things have been pretty crazy around here with E getting a stomach bug, the basement repair job, work, Halloween, E’s birthday, etc… Things were just hectic enough that I didn’t feel too badly letting Weight Watchers slip from my schedule. But, ever the repentant prodigal child, I slunk into the office on Saturday to get weighed…and found out I had lost 5.6 lbs!

Thank you, food poisoning! Even though I know there’s a good chance I’ll gain it back as my body adjusts back to normal I have to admit it was exciting to hear that number. It brings my total loss to 20.8 lbs so far. (Yay!)

So I am recommitting myself (again) to exercising and eating better. I need to get in the habit of eating better now so when I finish weaning E I don’t go scarily overboard on the dairy (I’m looking at you, ice cream, cheese, pastries (a new Kneaders just opened by my house), and creamy salad dressings!).

Weight-loss aside, I am really looking forward to this week. For the first time in too long I don’t have anything urgent or high maintenance on my plate. I’m looking forward to just cleaning up the house, grocery shopping, maybe having lunch with some friends, and taking E for a few walks…you know, a nice, slightly productive, relaxing week.

9 Months Up, 9 Months (very nearly) Down

My weight-losing endeavors have unfortunately lost a little bit of steam lately. I would like to blame a busy summer, but I think a growing complacency in my efforts is a much more likely culprit. However, I have almost succeeded in losing all of the weight I gained while pregnant – yay!

I weighed in yesterday and I was just three pounds shy of my pre-pregnancy weight (so obviously I’m counting it). Nine months up, nine months down: whoohoo! I was so excited that we went out for ice cream to celebrate. (Just kidding!)

Anyway, this week I am rededicating myself to losing weight. Even though I’m (almost) down to my pre-pregnancy weight, I was overweight when I got pregnant and so I am planning on losing 20 lbs. more. We shall see.

And if all this weight loss talk is not exactly your cup of tea…well, there are these:

Totally worth it, no?

Well, it finally happened.

So yesterday N. and I to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) to see N.’s parents be set apart by a leader of our church and officially begin their mission to Korea. While we waited for the meeting to begin we stood in the hall and chatted with one of the secretaries. Miranda and I had both brought the babies and I was holding E. The secretary asked N.’s mom how many grandchildren she had and N.’s mom said that she had six but was expecting one more any day now. And then the secretary turned to me and asked me when my due date was!

I was SO embarrassed. And because of the situation, I couldn’t say something snarky. I just had to politely murmur that it was their daughter in Oregon that was expecting. To be fair to the secretary (who was a tiny size-2 Filipino woman), I was wearing an empire-waisted dress that I wore when I was pregnant because I’m in sad need of new clothes. But still. I didn’t think I look pregnant in it. Lame!

Except for a little setback from while we were on vacation, the weight watching has been going fairly well. I’ve been feeling pretty positive about the whole thing. But her comment kind of shattered the self-confidence I’ve been gaining. *Sigh.* I guess I just need to regroup.

Because I’m a huge spreadsheet nerd I started tracking my progress on a chart.

I gained 3.8 lbs. while we were on vacation, but yesterday morning I weighed in and I had lost almost all of the weight I had gained. So yesterday I was feeling pretty good about everything until the incident. I guess I just need to stop whining and work out some more.

And maybe buy a new dress


The weight, I am watching it!

So I joined Weight Watchers a couple of weeks ago. Yep, I finally took the plunge. It was time to get serious about eating better and exercising. It was hard because I had grown accustomed to eating treats more often than was, um, prudent. It was hard: first I had the excuse of being pregnant and then the even better excuse of having just had a baby. Also, this wonderful bakery opened near my house. It’s SO good! Yeah, for a while I was going a couple of times a week for lunch (and the chocolate peanut butter cheesecake or a cupcake). Some of the staff even know me by name (hi, Katy).

So yeah, it was time to do something. My first goal is to lose 19 pounds. The first week I lost 5.4 lbs., 1.4 lbs. the second week, and 1.2 lbs. this last week. It’s been going pretty well, although I have to admit that I’ve been slacking off on writing down everything I eat. But I am eating better (I miss you, Katy!) and I’m exercising 3 or 4 times a week. Of course I’m looking foward to being thinner, but I also want to be in better shape and have more energy to do things and run around with E.

I’m just trying to keep motivated and be positive about it.