Big Brother E

After people ask about how the baby and I are doing the next question they usually ask is how E is adjusting. He’s been doing great.

It seems like it only took him a day or so to figure out that Mimi was here to stay. Now if he doesn’t see her around he asks me where she is. And sometimes when Mimi cries he’ll go up to her and tell her that it’s going to be okay or “helpfully” try to cram her pacifier into her mouth.

I think the hardest thing for E has been being stuck at home these last few weeks. He’s been watching entirely too much TV while I mostly sit on the couch trying to recover and keep our giant baby girl fed and happy. Sometimes he DOES gets antsy and I feel guilty about him being stuck at home. Before Mimi was born we usually left the house to do something at least once a day and when E gets bored he can act out a little.

But all in all he’s taken Mimi’s arrival in stride and in his usual easygoing manner. I’m just grateful that he hasn’t decided to resent the baby (yet!) and that he’s adjusting so well.

Her Name

When I started this blog after E was born I decided to use initials to refer to him and N instead of their names. I didn’t have a lot of super well thought-out reasons, just the vague goal of trying to preserve their privacy while allowing me to write about my family. I’m not worried about someone trying to stalk us or kidnap E or anything like that; I just wanted to make it a bit more difficult in ten years for E’s punky friends to find my blog archives and tease him about those sappy letters I wrote him.

With all that said, I still wanted to share the baby’s name with you. So here it is:

Since she has the same initials as N I needed another blog name for her so I’ll call her Mimi here.